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Best R&B Christmas Songs

Christmas time is about sappy, emotional songs that pull at your spirits. Which is basically what R&B music is all about. As such, when it comes time to pick out songs to play in your Christmas playlists, it's just not right if you're not using R&B songs.

We've been spending the last few weeks listening to all the big R&B Christmas albums. Mariah Carey, Mint Condition, Luther Vandross, Brian McKnight. The greatest R&B singers have all put out solid Christmas albums packed with great tracks to fill your playlist.

Listen to all of these great R&B Christmas songs and let us know what you think. And of course, if these songs leave you wanting more, you can check out our definitive list of Christmas albums to hear more great tracks like these. Be sure to contact us with your own favorite Christmas songs and we'll feature them on our site as well!

Merry Christmas to all.

There aren't many perfect matches when it comes to Christmas songs quite like Toni Braxton and The Christmas Song. She kills this song.
Yea, you hate the song. Everyone hates the song. But it's everywhere. Probably the most successful attempt at creating a new classic Christmas song. Unbelievable.
A rendition of the track originally recorded by Freddie Jackson, Whitney Houston takes this Christmas song and makes it sound like a classic R&B ballad. She has such a power, it's incredible what she can do with this track.
Gerald LeVert here on the So So Def Christmas album, and he kills it. It isn't much of a Christmas song but it's a great R&B track and it's about Christmas so, roll with it.
An original track by Luther Vandross, it fits his crooning delivery so well. Patti LaBelle went on to cover the track, but nothing is quite like when Luther sings it. It's a romantic song that also works well as a Christmas song.
Sleigh Ride is a cool Christmas song for how well it fits TLC's style. After being hit with lots of slow, dramatic Christmas songs, nothing sparks a good mood like hearing the girls on Sleigh Ride.
It doesn't escape me how fitting it is to hear Mary J Blige sing Mary Did You Know. Still, she puts the soul into the song, singing such a slow, sentimental style for it.
Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight on a Christmas track? How could it not be among the best R&B Christmas songs. Hearing the guys perform this back in the early 90s, it showed what harmonies could do even with Christmas time.
Similar to TLC's Sleigh Ride, there's something to be said for the fun up-tempo Christmas songs. It's commercial, maybe it's not in the spirit of Christmas. But it's a fun song that offers a nice break from the dramatic.
I thought this would be a rotten song, it's such a silly track at this point. But the backing vocalists, combined with how well Faith Evans sings this, it surpasses any and all expectations.
I love the doo wop vibes on this track. It's easily one of my favorite Christmas songs. It's a shame that Silk didn't make a more full Christmas album as these guys killed it with every track on their EP.
Mint Condition brings their musical sound to this James Brown classic. They do R&B music like no other and it's awesome to hear their takes on Christmas songs.
Another track that's not quite a Christmas song, but it sounds so good and it's about Christmas, it has to be on the list. Xscape sing so well together, I wish they had a full Christmas album if it would sound like this.
It feels a little karaoke, but SWV's Give Love on Christmas Day has such a positive sound to it, it's worth listening to every Christmas. It brings the right amount of cheer that it fits all Christmas lists.
Mariah Carey is known for All I Want For Christmas Is You, but she's such a powerful singer, that she has to be on every list again. She adds such power and emotion in her singing, it's hard not to get taken away with it.