The Family Stand

The Family Stand

The Family Stand began with Jeffrey Smith and Peter Lord. The group was first known as Evon Jeffries and the Stand, and worked under this name for two years. They first started when Lord, a vocalist and keyboardist with a degree in musical composition at Howard University, returned to New York. Lord teamed up with Smith to produce and write for Mik Howard, Will Downing and many more.

When the group became known as The Family Stand, they also added a third member with Sandra St. Victor. Victor had attended the University of Kansas and, upon moving to New York, was in high demand as a vocalist, working with Freddie Jackson and Chaka Khan.

The group's first album, Chain, scored a hit with the track Ghetto Heaven which reached #3 on the R&B charts.

In 1991, the group released a second LP, Moon in Scorpio. However, the album tried to go in to many directions at once and often fetaured more rock than R&B. As such, the album failed to register with its urban audience and did not perform well.

In 1998, the group replaced Victor with Jacci McGhee after Victor left the group to go solo. During the same year, they released a new album, Connected. The album returned to the sounds of soul and highlighted the group's talent in writing and production.