Stephanie 'Sparkle' Edwards started out as a backing singer for Aaliyah and Mary J. Blige. However, via strong relations with R. Kelly, Sparkle released her self-titled debut album in 1998 on his Rockland Records.

Despite various conflicts between Sparkle and her label, her debut album performed well, going gold. The album's most popular track was a duet between Kelly and Sparkle titled 'Be Careful.'

The conflicts between Sparkle and her label were many. First, Sparkle was dropped from the label for refusing to show up to work unless her boyfriend, Steve Huff, was allowed to work on her project. In addition, she was released several times for insubordinance.

Finally, Sparkle was released for good and she went to Motown. On Motown, she released the album Told You So, which was a commercial failure. The album's only minor hit was 'It's A Fact' which reached #62 on the R&B charts. Sparkle tried to team up with Kelly once more but was unable, due to past issues.

After Kelly refused to work with Sparkle, she claimed her niece was in the sex tapes having sex with R. Kelly. Kelly denies he is on the tape.