Sammie Bush was born in Boynton Beach, Florida in 1987. As a young child, he was exposed to music, largely through the church. His mother had been a professional singer and brought Sammie along when she sang in the church choir.

Performing in the church choir, Sammie received a standing ovation when he sang "Troubles Don't Last Always." While at Charles Drew Elementary, Sammie formed a music group called the Wonder 3. The boys talent impressed his music teacher so much that the teacher sent a video of the group to Showtime at the Apollo.

With the performance, Sammie was given a chance to perform solo and won the show's finals. Joyce Irby (lead vocalist of the 80s group Klymaxx and an artist developer), got in touch with Sammie and signed him. She introduced Sammie to Dallas Austin and who helped Sammie record.

Working with Dallas Austin, Sammie released his debut album, From the Bottom to the Top in 2000 on Capitol Records. The album went gold, as did it's first single, "I Like It." The track "I Like It," reached #8 on the R&B charts and #24 on the Hot 100. Sammie's next single, "Crazy Things I Do," reached #39 on the R&B charts.

Following his debut release, Sammie went back to school and finished high school. In 2006, he returned with his self-titled sophomore album. The album had two strong singles, "Come With Me" and "You Should Be My Girl," which reached #23 and #26 on the R&B charts respectively.