Kenny Kelly, Anthony Fuller, Dwayne Jones, Steven Capers and Michael Best formed the group Playboys in the late 1980s. The quintet, out of Paterson, New Jersey, blended R&B with Doo Wop, and began to gain national attention when they sang the school song, 'Fair Eastside,' in Lean On Me.

Following their growing popularity, the group changed their name to Riff and signed with SBK. The group's self-titled debut album suffered from poor promotion as SBK was inexperienced in the urban market. Nevertheless, the group scored several respectable hits, with 'My Heart Is Failing Me' reaching #6 on the R&B charts and #25 on the Hot 100. The album's other singles, 'If You're Serious' and 'Everytime My Heart Beats' also did well, reaching #7 and #26 on the R&B charts respectively.

With a successful first album, the group had appearances on The Arsenio Hall Show, The Tonight Show and Soul Train. The group's second album, To Whom It May Concern, came out in 1993 to mixed reviews. The album failed to ground itself in one particular style and suffered as a result. It had two charting singles with 'Judy Had A Boyfriend' reaching #91 on the R&B charts and 'Baby It's Yours' reaching #65.

Anthony "Chill" Fuller, Dwayne "Stylz" Jones and Michael "Nitty Green" Best went on to join the group Men of Vizion.

The three men have now restarted Riff, along with Steven Capers from the original Riff.