Ready For The World

Ready For The World

Ready For The World was an R&B/funk band from Flint, Michigan. The group formed in 1982 and was comprised of vocalist Melvin Riley, guitarist Gordon Strozier, keyboardist Gregory Potts, percussionist Willie Triplett, bassist John Eaton and drummer Gerald Valentine. The group performed throughout their hometown at talent shows until they were discovered in 1982 by Radio personality The Electrifying Mojo.

In 1983, the group put out the single "Tonight" around Michigan and became well-known throughout the state.

The group was signed to MCA Records who released their self-titled debut album in 1985. The album had a lot stylistically in common with prince's work at the time and did well on the charts. The aforementioned single "Tonight" was released for the album in 1985 and reached #6 on the R&B charts. The group's second single, "Oh Sheila" topped the Hot 100, the R&B and the Hot Dance Club Play charts simultaneously, the first song ever to do so. Nearly every track on the debut album became a single, with "Deep Inside Your Love," "Slide Over," "Digital Display," and "Ceramic Girl" all charting throughout 1985 and 1986. "Deep Inside..." reached #6 on the R&B charts, "Slide Over" made it to #57, "Digital Display" reached #4 and #21 on the Hot 100, and "Ceramic Girl" peaked at #82. With the sucess of its many singles, Ready For The World's debut album went platinum.

Long Time Coming, the group's second album, came out in 1986 and sought to ride on the group's initial success. The album faired well with the single "Love You Down" reaching #9 on the Hot 100 and the other singles, "Mary Go Round" and the title track "Long Time Coming" reaching #23 and #54 respectively on the R&B charts. Long Time Coming went gold.

As new jack swing came into its own, Ready For The World tried to adapt with their album Ruff 'N Ready in 1988. It failed to make as big an impression as the group's earlier work, but still scored a successful single with "My Girly." The track reached #6 on the R&B charts and was followed up by "Gently" which reached #30.

In 1991, as the group was fading out, they released a fourth album, Straight Down to Business. The album's singles, "Straight Down To Business," and "Can He Do It" reached #15 and #9 on the R&B charts respectively.

Following the group's fourth album, Riley went on to record two solo albums. However, the group reunited in 2004 to release another album, She Said She Wants Some.