Perfect Gentlemen

Perfect Gentlemen started out as an R&B trio based out of Boston, Massachusetts. The group was formed by Maurice Starr, who is famous for discovering New Edition and New Kids on the Block.

The group was comprised of Corey Blakely, Maurice Starr Jr, and Tyrone Sutton. Perfect Gentlemen's debut release, Rated PG, came out in 1990. The album featured their biggest hit, 'Ooh La La (I Can't Get Over You),' which reached #10 on the Hot 100. The album's second single, 'One More Chance' also faired well, reaching #33 on the R&B charts.

Perfect Gentlemen changed their lineup, becoming a quartet. The new ensemble included Starr Jr, and Blakely as the original version of the group did. However, the group also featured the new members Miles Wheeler and Stephen Reeves. As a quartet, Perfect Gentlemen released their sophomore effort, The Perfect Gentlemen, in 1993. The album featured the singles 'Don't Forget To Call' and 'I Need You' but neither managed to chart.