Nicole Wray

Nicole Wray

Nicole Wray was born in July of 1981 in Salinas, California but grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia. Wray met some of Missy Elliot's family in her neighborhood and through one of Elliot's cousins, got in touch with Missy Elliot. The two began working together. Nicole Wray appeared on a track on Missy Elliot's album, Supa Dupa Fly and when Elliot formed her own label, she signed Wray.

In 1998, Nicole debuted with her album, Make It Hot. While Wray had strong performances on many of the tracks, the album was criticized for being overly influenced by Missy Elliot. Elliot produced, wrote and appeared in nearly every song on the album.

Despite these criticisms, the album did well, with the debut single "Make It Hot" reaching #5 on the Hot 100 and going gold. The album's other singles, "I Can't See" reached #36 on th R&B charts and "Eyes Better Not Wander" reached #71.

Since then, Nicole Wray has made two albums which both have been shelved. First, in 2001 she recorded the album Elektric Blue and put out the single "I'm Lookin." However, the album was shelved and Wray went to Dame Dash Music Group. There, Wray recorded another album, Lovechild, which was also shelved.

Today, Wray is working on a new album titled Changes.