Michel'le Toussaint was born in 1970 and is most well-known for her hit single, 'No More Lies.' Michel'le is of Louisiana Creole heritage and got her start in the music industry when she was signed to Eazy-E's Ruthless Records. Her self-titled debut album Michel'le was released in 1989 with production done completely by her then boyfriend, Dr. Dre.

The album was an immediate success, scoring the hit single 'No More Lies' which went gold, reaching #7 on the Hot 100. The album also scored hit singles with 'Nicety' reaching #5 on the R&B charts, 'Keep Watchin' reached #65, 'Something In My Heart' reached #2 and 'If' reached #22 on the R&B charts. The success of the singles pushed the album to gold status.

As time progressed, conflict arose between the management of Ruthless Records. Dr. Dre was convinced that Eazy-E was withholding profits from N.W.A. sales and so, he left the label to start Death Row Records with Suge Knight. Michel'le was drawn into the conflict as Eazy-E refused to release her from Ruthless Records. It is rumored that Suge and Dre extorted Eazy with metal pipes and baseball bats in order to release her from the label.

In similar conflict, the 1991 conflict between East/West Coast involved Michel'le as well. During the year, Bronx Rapper Tim Dog insulted Michel'le on his single 'Fuck Compton.'

After 1991, Michel'le made the occasional guest appearance, such as on the single 'Let's Play House' by Tha Dogg Pound in 1996. In 1998, she returned with her second album, Hung Jury, but failed to make any significant impact.

In her personal life, Michel'le dated Suge Knight and Dr. Dre. She has a child with each, Marcel to Dr. Dre and Bailei to Suge Knight.

At the present time, Michel'le is reportedly working on a third album. She is working with her own set of producers and hopes for a 2007/2008 release.