Men of Vizion

Men of Vizion were an urban quintet that came out in the mid-90s. The group formed in Brooklyn, New York at La Guardia High School of Music and Art. Originally, it was a quartet comprised of George Spencer III, Brian Deramus, Desmond Gregg, and Corley Randolph. However, the guys met Prathan 'Spanky' Williams who became lead vocalist. Gregg did much of the group's writing and production in addition to his work on back-up.

Prior to scoring a deal, the group performed at parties, talent shows and local nightclubs. They eventually were signed to Jade Productions and then, through Teddy Riley, the group was signed on MJJ Music. The group had a sound that fit the traditional 90s sound like that of Boyz II Men.

The group's debut album, Personal, came out in 1996 and highlighted the group's sound. The album featured collaboration with Tasha Scott, Sherri Blair and Teddy Riley. The group remade the Jackson Five track 'Show You the Way to Go' and scored moderate success with the singles 'House Keeper' and 'Do Thangz.' 'House Keeper' reached #13 on the R&B charts and #67 on the Hot 100 while 'Do Thangz' reached #53 on the R&B charts.

Men of Vizion underwent major changes after the debut release. The group was reduced to "Spanky" Williams and "G-Fly" Spencer. They tried touring with filler members but never clicked well. However, after bumping into Anthony "Chill" Fuller of Riff, "Spanky" and "Chill" clicked. Riff was suffering from similar problems of losing members and so, they merged with the remnants of Men of Vizion. The new group was comprised of "Spanky," "G-Fly," "Chill" and two other members of Riff, Dwayne "Stylz" Jones, and Michael "Nitty Green" Best.

Their second release, Mov, came out in 1999. This album failed to garner the same success as the group's debut, though its two singles managed some success on the charts. 'Do You Feel Me?' reached #45 on the R&B charts and 'Break Me Off' reached #69.

The group was supposed to release a new album in 2007.