Lil' Mo

Cynthia Loving, known in music as Lil' Mo, was born in 1978. As part of a military family, Lil' Mo moved around a lot as a child, growing up in Long Island, New York, as well as in Texas, Georgia and North Carolina.

Lil' Mo's music career began with her as a protege of Missy Elliotts. Signed to Elektra Records where Missy Elliott resided at the time, Lil' Mo debuted with her single "5 Minutes" on the Why Do Fools fall in Love soundtrack in 1999. Lil' Mo's first major success in the industry was her collaboration with Ja Rule on the single "Put It On Me." The single reached #8 on the Hot 100, and led to further collaborations between the two artists as time went on.

In 2001, Lil' Mo released her debut album, Based on a True Story. The album's launch was off to a rocky start as weeks before the album was set to release, Lil' Mo was attacked by a man after a show in San Francisco. The man clubbed Mo's head, causing her to need two dozen stitches. Despite the bad omen, the album went gold upon release. It scored success with the single "Superwoman Part 2" which featured then-unknown artist Fabolous and reached #9 on the R&B charts. The album's other singles were less successful with "Ta Da" reaching #21 on the R&B charts, and "Gangsta" reaching #57.

Following the release of her album, Lil' Mo had her first daughter, Heaven Love'on Stone with her then husband, Al Stone. Close to the same time, Lil' Mo left Murder Inc., believing she was being shortchanged in collaborations with labelmates with new artist Ashanti being used instead.

In 2003, Lil' Mo collaborated with Fabolous on two successful tracks. The first, "Can't Let You Go" reached #4 on the Hot 100 and #2 on the R&B charts, and was featured on Fabolous debut album, Street Dreams. The second, "4Ever" was off of Lil' Mo's new sophomore album, Meet the Girl Next Door, and reached #13 on the R&B charts.

Lil' Mo left Elektra in 2004, and signed on to Cash Money Records. While on the label, she released several singles for a planned third album, Syndicated: The Lil' Mo Hour. The album's singles included "Hot Boys, Hot Girls" with Lil Wayne which reached #29 on the R&B charts and "Dem Boyz" which reached #86. The album never saw release and Lil' Mo left Cash Money in 2006. In 2005, while on Cash Money, Lil' Mo had her second daughter, God'Iss Love Stone before divorcing from Al Stone at the end of the year.

Pain & Paper, Lil' Mo's fourth recorded album, saw release in 2007 on her independent label, Honeychild Entertainment. The album had two singles, "Sumtimes I" and "Lucky Her."

Lil' Mo has stated that she is working on a new album, Tattoos & Roses.