Jesse Powell

Jesse Powell

Jesse Powell was born in 1971 in Gary, Indiana. He grew up honing his musical abilities by singing with his family and in local talent shows. In 1993, Powell met producer Carl Roland in Kansas City and they traveled to L.A. to try and work together. When Louis Silas, Jr. heard Powell sing, he gave him a recording contract.

Powell released his self-titled debut album in 1996. The album was not a tremendous success with its singles 'Gloria' and 'All I Need' making it to #51 and #32 on the R&B boards respectively.

'Bout it, Powell's third album, was released in 1999 and was his most successful album to date. The album went gold and had the hit single 'You' which reached #10 on the Hot 100. The album's other single, 'I Wasn't With It' did alright as well, reaching #25 on the R&B charts.

In 2001, Powell released his third album, JP. The album performed similarly to Powell's first, with the two singles 'If I' and 'Something In The Past' making it only to #58 and #67 on the R&B charts.

Jesse Powell released his last album, Jesse in 2003.