Jeff Redd

Jeff Redd grew up in Mount Vernon, New York. Aspiring to establish himself in the music industry, Redd joined a local group called The Sophisticated Gents. While in the group, Redd had the opportunity to open for artists like James 'D-Train' Williams, and Glenn Jones.

Attempting to establish himself as a solo artist, Redd left the group and began performing shows around New York and New Jersey. Kurt 'Juice' Woodley, a worker at Uptown Records, heard Jeff Redd sing and introduced him to Andre Harrell. Harrell saw Redd perform in New Rochelle, New York and gave him a deal.

During this time, Redd helped bring Mary J. Blige onto the scene. After getting a deal with Uptown, Redd received a tape from Lil Jimmy (Blige's step-father) that featured then-unknown Blige singing Anita Bakers, 'Caught Up in the Rapture' at a local mall. Redd helped Blige get signed to Uptown and then used her as a background vocalist in his performances.

In 1990, Redd released the album Quiet Storm. The album featured the singles 'What Goes Around, Comes Around' and 'Love High' which reached #53 and #16 respectively on the charts.

1993 saw Jeff Redd finishing up a second album, Down Low. However, before it could see release, EMI closed down their black music department and released their artists. As such, only 1000 copies of the cd ever saw release.

After establishing himself in the industry, Redd went to MCA and sought to work as a producer and writer. He worked with SWV, Bobby Brown, Allure and K-Ci & JoJo as well as many others.

Today, Jeff Redd has his own record label, Sol Real Records. Redd recently put out a new single 'Get Into It' and plans on releasing a new album in 2008.