Javier, a Connecticut native, developed his musical talents at the University of Hartford's Hartt School of Music. While attending the school, he formed an R&B acapella quintet and earned a name for himself performing in the Apollo Theater. While he earned a degree in Music Education, Javier pursued his musical ambitions with a neo-funk group EmCQ.

Javier got his big break as a solo artist when EmCQ opened for Soulive. Soulive's guitarist, Eric Krasno, was impressed by Javier, and had Javier become the lead singer of another band, Derek Trucks Band. Using this experience Javier was able to put out a three-song demo tape which eventually got him a deal at Capitol Records.

With Capitol, Javier released his self-titled debut album in 2003. The album, Javier, featured the single "Crzy," and was critically well-received. As a musician, Javier is recognized for his diverse talents as a writer, singer and guitarist, following in a similar vein to Babyface.

2006 saw Javier's return to R&B with his album Left of Center. The album featured a diverse array of sounds and was titled both for Javier's left-handedness, as well as the album's different take on R&B music.