When the group Jade first formed, it was comprised of Joi Marshall, and women named Angie and Debbie. Thus, the group started with the name JAD. However, when Angie and Debbie were dropped from the label and replaced by Tonya Kelly and Di Reed, the group extended its name to Jade. Kelly and Marshall grew up in Chicago while Reed was raised in Houston.

The girls first album, Jade to the Max, was released in 1992 to respectable success. The album featured singles 'I Wanna Love You,' 'One Woman,' and 'Don't Walk Away.' The singles reached #7, #16 and #2 on the R&B charts respectively and 'Don't Walk Away' even managed to hit #4 on the Hot 100. Driven by the album's singles, the album went platinum.

In 1994, the girls released their second album, Mind Body and Song. The album featured two respectable singles '5-4-3-2' which reached #13 on the R&B charts and 'Every Day Of The Week' which made it to #15 on the R&B charts.

Despite having several singles perform well on the charts, Jade was mismanaged by their label. Thus, even though there was no ill will between the members of Jade, the groupmates went their separate ways because of the limited financial return.

Since then, the girls of Jade have all found success in different aspects. Joi Marshall continues to sing as an independent gospel artist and wrote a book on the music business. She also has a new gospel album, Testimony and Praise, which was released in 2007. Meanwhile, the other two girls, Reed and Kelly, started their own separate businesses in real estate and interior design respectively.