Impromp2 is a musical group comprised of Johnny Britt and Sean Thomas. The two men combine jazz, soul and rap music to differentiate themeslves from other music groups.

Impromp2 got their start in 1993. Johnny Britt studied trumpet and composition at the Conservatory of Music in Versailles, France and decided he wanted to try and fuse his jazz trumpet with soul singing. This decision was largely motivated by the project "Doo-Bop" done by Miles Davis and Easy Mo Bee in 1992.

Britt auditioned over fifty people to work with him before settling on Sean Thomas. Sean had been in a group called Rappinstine with his brother before working with Britt and had even done background vocals on Luther Vandross' Songs album.

The group released their debut album, You're Gonna Love It in 1995. The track "Enjoy Yourself" reached #72 on the R&B charts.

Following the group's debut, they released albums in 1997, 2003 and 2008. These albums were titled Can't Get Enough, Definition of Love and It Is What It Is respectively.