Immature was created by record producer Chris Stokes. Its members were Marques 'Batman' Houston, Jerome 'Young Rome' Jones, and Kelton 'LDB' Kessee. All three of the group's members were born in 1981 and are native of Los Angeles, California.

The group's debut album On Our Worst Behavior was released in 1992.

However, it wasn't until the group's second album, Playtime Is Over that the group developed a respectable following. The album featured hit singles 'Never Lie' which reached #5 on the Hot 100 and went gold, and 'Constantly' which reached #16 on the Hot 100 and also went gold. Driven by the success of these singles, the group's album was able to go gold.

In 1995, the group released their third album, We Got It. Featuring the hit title track that reached #11 on the R&B charts and 'Please Don't Go' that reached #16, the album went gold.

The group's final album before changing their name was The Journey. After the album's release, the group felt they were getting older and changed their name to IMx. The name was supposed to mean ex-Immature as the group was growing up.

Under their new name, the group released two albums, Introducing IMx and IMx. Introducing IMx was released in 1999 and had the single 'Stay The Night' that made it to #19 on the Hot 100 and went gold. IMx was released in 2001.