Eric Benet

Eric Benet Jordan was born in 1966 in Wisconsin. His mother's maiden name is his middle name. Growing up, Benet was immersed in music as his father loved classical music and shared the experience with his son.

By his teens, he formed a group with his sister and cousin called Benet that released a self-titled album in 1992. The album only sold 70,000 copies which is partially fault for lack of promotion. During the same year, Benet's girlfriend, Tami Stauff, gave birth to a daughter. Unfortunately, a year later, Tami was killed in a car accident.

Benet made his solo debut in 1996 with Warner Bros. The album, titled True To Myself failed to make any significant impression on the charts but established Benet in the R&B community.

In 1999, Benet released his most successful album to date, A Day in the Life. The album went gold and had two solid singles. 'Georgy Porgy' was Benet's first top 20 R&B hit, reaching #15. The second single on the album, 'Spend My Life With You' reached #1 on the R&B charts and went gold.

During the same year, Eric Benet became engaged to Halle Berry and then married her in 2001. The couple separated and has since divorced.

In 2005, Benet released his latest album, Hurricane. The album was initially set to release in some fashion in 2001, under the name of Better and Better, but had been delayed.