Dru Hill

Dru Hill was founded by Tamir 'Nokio' Ruffin in Baltimore in 1992. The group consisted of himself, lead singer Mark 'Sisqo' Andrews, Larry 'Jazz' Anthony and James 'Woody' Green. The group got their chance at success in 1996 when manager Haqq Islam set them up to perform at the Impact Convention.

Island Records signed Dru Hill after the performance and began working on their debut album. The self-titled album, Dru Hill, released in 1996 and eventually went platinum. The first single, 'Tell Me' made it into the Top 5 on the R&B charts. The group did some of their own writing and production, writing their single '5 Steps' and with Nokio doing much of their production. The single 'In My Bed' was the group's first #1 R&B hit with 'Never Make a Promise' following in its suit shortly thereafter.

Dru Hill released there second and most popular album, Enter the Dru in 1998 which went on to go two times platinum. The single 'How Deep is Your Love' made it into the top 5 on the pop charts and the single 'These are the Times' made it to the top 5 on the R&B charts.

In 1999, Woody quit the group to return to gospel music. However, when Island merged with Def Jam later in the year, Woody and the other three members signed contracts with Def Jam's R&B section. The members of Dru Hill were originally all going to put out solo albums and then put out a new group album, but Sisqo's debut LP was successful enough that the others were left behind.

Yet in late 2000, Dru Hill re-entered the studio to produce the album. It wasn't to be however as tensions arose and Sisqo walked out on the group. However, after Sisqo's second solo performed below average, the group reformed again.

This time, Jazz did not want to return to the group and so, Rufus 'Scola' Waller joined the group. During recording, Jazz returned and Dru Hill became a quintet.

The album, Dru World Order, finally saw release in 2002 and went gold. The group is currently working on an album titled D.R.U..