Cynda Williams

Cynda Williams was born in 1966 in Chicago, Illinois. She was known by her birth name, Cindy Williams, until she went into the movie industry, at which point she changed her name to Cynda in order to avoid conflicts with another actress of the same name.

Cynda is most well-known for her involvement in the music industry. She has appeared in the movies Mo' Better Blues, Wet, The Sweeper, Shooter, Divine Intervention and many more over the past seventeen years.

While most well-known for her involvement in the movie industry, Cynda had a brief stint in the music industry in 1990 with her appearance on the soundtrack to Mo' Better Blues, on the song 'Harlem Blues.' The single was popular, reaching #9 on the R&B charts on November 17, 1990.

With the success of the single, Cynda had been lined up with Sony to produce her own album. While she was trained in a variety of genres, jazz became pressed on her after the success of 'Harlem Blues.' Unfortunately, internal conflicts at Sony caused the album to be shelved and Cynda continued acting.

Today, Cynda continues to act, appearing in four movies in 2007 alone. She also works on musicals and performs in various bands. She has been married to Roderick Plummer since 2001 and has a child with him.