CeCe Winans

Priscilla 'CeCe' Winans was born in 1964 in Detroit, Michigan and was the eighth of ten siblings in the musical Winans family.

CeCe teamed up with her brother BeBe for the family's most commercially successful grouping. Other family groups included the Winans (comprised of several older brothers) and her parents in Mom & Pop Winans. Working with her brother BeBe, the two released the album BeBe & CeCe Winans in 1987 with vocal contributions from nine members of the family.

In 1995, CeCe released her first solo album, Alone in His Presence which found her moving back towards her gospel roots. The album was a big success, eventually going platinum. During the same year, CeCe scored a big hit with 'Count On Me' a duet with Whitney Houston that went gold and did well on the charts.

Cece's second solo album, Everlasting Love, moved into the R&B realm and was released in 1998. The album scored a moderate hit with 'Well, Alright' which reached the top 50 on the R&B charts.

She returned to her gospel roots for her third album, Alabaster Box. The album was the first to be released from CeCe's own label, Wellspring. It had strong commercial success, managing to go gold.

Since then, CeCe has released three more albums, the self-titled CeCe Winans in 2001, Throne Room in 2003 and Purified in 2005. The albums have moved back and forth between gospel and R&B but have managed steady commercial success. Both CeCe Winans and Throne Room went gold.

In 2008, CeCe announced plans to reunite with her brother BeBe for another album as a duet. She also has a new solo gospel album, Thy Kingdom Come, which was released on April 1, 2008.

Today, CeCe lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she is married with two children. The two children actually appear in the music video for "If Anything Ever Happened To You," by BeBe and CeCe Winans.