The group Brownstone was originally comprised of Nicole 'Nicci' Gilbert, Charmayne 'Maxee' Maxwell and Monica 'Mimi' Doby. They met one another after going to various auditions around Los Angeles and formed a group. The group signed to Michael Jackson's MJJ Music Record Label.

In 1994, the girls released the album From The Bottom Up which achieved platinum status. The album's success was largely driven by 'If You Love Me' which reached #8 on the Hot 100 and #2 on the R&B charts. The single also managed to go gold. While no later singles managed to have quite the same chart performance, 'Grapevyne' was able to reach #6 on the R&B charts and 'I Can't Tell You Why' reached #22.

After extensive touring, Monica left the group as a result of bronchitis. It was later revealed that her departure was also related to internal strife between herself and the other members of the group. In order to maintain the trio status, Kina Cosper joined the group for their second album, Still Climbing. The album performed fairly well with one solid single, '5 Miles to Empty.' The single managed to peak at #6 on the R&B charts. The album's other single, 'Kiss and Tell' did a lot worse, only managing to reach #41 on the R&B charts.

While apart, the girls have gone on to do various things. Nicci has done a few minor acting jobs and released a solo album titled Grown Folks Music. Maxee worked in Europe as a recording artist and Kina released a solo album as well. Doby left the music business and now works as a teacher with two kids.

The group reformed in 2008 with the line-up of Nicci and Maxee, as well as a new member, Racquel Roberts. Roberts has performed on Broadway in Hairspray and has done international performances in the play Rent. The new album is expected in Fall 2008.