After the trio Guy broke up, Teddy Riley began perfecting his production abilities and founded the group Blackstreet. He created the group in 1994, which was comprised of himself, Chauncey 'Black' Hannibal, Levi Little and Joe Stonestreet. Before the group recorded their first album, Stonestreet was replaced by Dave Hollister.

Blackstreet's self-titled debut album was released in spring of 1994 and had moderate success, going platinum. The success of the album was in part, due to hit single 'Before I Let You Go' which was a Top Five hit on R&B charts.

Blackstreet then underwent more member changes as Hollister and Little left to be replaced by ark Middleton and Eric Williams. With the new members, the group put together their defining album in 1996, Another Level. The album sold four million copies and had the smash hit single 'No Diggity' which was number 1 for four weeks on the pop charts and won the Grammy for Best R&B Vocal by a Group.

Once again, Blackstreet swapped members, as Middleton left and was replaced by Terrell Phillips. Their third album, Finally, was released in 1999 and contained the hit 'Take Me There.' However, the album failed to perform well commercially and only managed to go gold.

Keeping with the group's trend, difficulties arose after the album's release and Hannibal sued Riley who then filed a countersuit. Both men dropped their charges and Blackstreet disbanded.

However, members had second thoughts and a Blackstreet reunion formed, comprised of Riley, Hannibal, Middleton and Williams, the four men who made Another Level. The group released Level II in early 2003, which received poor reviews.