Bell Biv DeVoe

Bell Biv DeVoe formed from the members Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe of the group New Edition. The group began to form after Bobby Brown left New Edition and became a separate entity after the Heart Break tour.

The group's debut album, Poison, came out in 1990 and was rich in the New Jack feel. This was a result of its variety of producers which included Jam and Lewis, Guy's Timmy Gatling and Public Enemy's Hank Shocklee and Keith Shocklee. The album's title track hit #1 on the R&B charts and the album scored further hits with 'Do Me!' reaching #3 on the Hot 100, 'B.B.D' topping the R&B charts and 'When Will I See You Smile Again?' reaching #3 on the R&B charts. Driven by such successful singles, the album went three times platinum in the United States.

After the group's debut, Michael Bivins worked in talent search. He built the East Coast Family, a process which involved the discovery and production of debut albums for the groups Another Bad Creation and Boyz II Men.

In 1993, the group returned with their sophomore effort, Hootie Mack. The album went gold, but failed to make the same impact as the group's debut effort. The album had minor hits with 'Something In Your Eyes' and 'Gangsta,' which reached #6 and #22 on the R&B charts respectively and #38 and #21 on the Hot 100. The album's third charting single, "Above the Rim" peaked at #81 on the R&B charts.

New Edition came back in 1996 with Home Again, causing the guys of BBD to take time off for touring. It was another five years before BBD came back with their album B.B.D. In 2001, they released the album to little success. The effort was a fusion of hardcore rap with an R&B approach and it received mixed reviews.

Today, the guys are still members of New Edition and Ronnie DeVoe is reportedly a real estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia.