Before Dark

Before Dark came out in the late 90s and were an R&B female trio comprised of Mia Lee, Arike Rice and Jeni Rice Genzuk (Jeni G). The girls were from South Central Los Angeles. Arike Rice was also in the group The Voices in the early 1990s, when she was only 9 years old.

While the group released their album, Daydreamin in 2000, they released two singles in 1999. "Baby" reached #48 on the R&B charts while "Come Correct" reached #93. The group had one final single, "Monica," which reached #41 on the R&B charts and #77 on the Hot 100.

The girls actually appear on the covers of The Cheetah Girls books. Mia models as Galleria for the first eight books in the series, while Arike and Jeni were Aquanette and Angie in the first four.