B5 is an R&B group comprised of five brothers, a la Jackson Five. Originating in St. Petersburg, Florida, B5 is comprised of the Breeding Brothers, Dustin, Kelly, Patrick, Carnell and Bryan. Initially known as the TNT Boyz, the group changed their name when their youngest brother, Bryan joined the group.

The group was brought under P. Diddy's wing when he signed them to his Bad Boy Label. The group is known to have a diehard fan following, which was proven during their performance at the Brookdale Center Mall in Brookdale, Minnesota. While performing before a crowd of 2000, the group was suddenly overwhelmed when the fans leapt onto the stage and attacked the group. The group members were barraged with kisses, and had their earings stolen, as well as hats and shirts.

In 2005, B5 released their self-titled debut, which featured the single "All I Do" which reached #71 on the R&B charts.

B5 released their follow-up album, Don't Talk, Just Listen in 2007. The album's singles "In My Bedroom" and "Hydrolic" improved upon the chart success of the group's past work. The former hit #55 on the R&B charts while the latter peaked at #36.