B2K was comprised of Omarion (Omari Grandberry, born 1984), Lil Fizz (Dreux Frederick, born 1985), Raz-B (DeMario Thornton, born 1985) and J-Boog (Jarell Houston, born 1985). The group was founded by Chris Stokes who also served as their manager.

Put together in 2001, B2K released their self-titled debut album, B2K in 2002. The album had three singles, "Uh Huh," "Gots Ta Be," and "Why I Love You." The singles all did well on the charts, with "Gots Ta Be" reaching #34 on the Hot 100, "Uh Huh" reaching #37 on the Hot 100, and "Why I Love You" reaching #19 on the R&B charts.

Wasting no time, the group released a second album, Pandemonium! in 2002, which went platinum. The album's success was driven by its hit single "Bump, Bump, Bump" which topped the Hot 100. The album's other singles didn't reach the same success, but still managed to chart. "What A Girl Wants" only reached #47 on the R&B charts, while "Girlfriend" topped off at #30 on the Hot 100.

The group's swan song came in 2004 with the movie You Got Served. The group was featured in it as break dancers and made up the bulk of the movie's soundtrack. At the same time, the group's manager, Chris Stokes, announced that the group was breaking up. Lil Fizz, J-Boog, and Raz-B claimed the reason was financial mishandling by Stokes' company, while Omarion and Chris Stokes denied these claims.

Since then, Omarion has gone on to have a successful solo career. The other members of the group have talked about reuniting and performing again. The work of this reunion, "Body Up" was leaked in 2008.