B Angie B

B Angie B

B Angie B, Angela Boyd, was born in Morton, Mississippi in 1968. She sang in the local church and in 1984, graduated from Morton High School.

Angela decided to move out west to pursue a musical career with her friend, but her friend became pregnant and left Angela to make the transition alone. Despite going alone, it didn't take long for Angela to quickly get in the music business. She was discovered by MC Hammer's entourage and became one of his dancers. However, in 1988, Hammer saw that Angela was a capable musician as well, and so he helped her promote her musical career.

Hammer dubbed Angela, B Angie B, standing for Beautiful Angela Boyd, and used her as a back up singer during his tours and on his albums. In 1989, B Angie B contributed to Hammer's Oaktown 357, a female duo formed in response to Salt-N-Pepa. Her vocals can be heard on the hit 'Juicy Gotcha Krazy' and she also appears in the video.

In 1991, Angela was given the chance to be a solo artist as Hammer signed her to his Capitol-distributed Bust It imprint. Hammer produced her self-titled debut, alongside Felton Pilate of the funk band Con-Funk-Shun. The album carried the essence of neo-soul, but never had a strong commerical single. The album's most successful singles, 'So Much Love' and 'I Don't Want To Lose Your Love' reached #3 and #2 on the R&B charts respectively, but faired poorly on the Hot 100. "I Don't Want To Lose Your Love" was a minor crossover hit, reaching #54, but still failed to do well. As such, B Angie B was dropped from the label.

Her last well-known recording was 'I Am A Class Act' on the soundtrack to the Kid n Play farce, Class Act. It is rumored that she released a second album in 1995 under the name Angie B, but it's distribution was minimal enough that few people have heard much about it.

As of 2000, Angela is living in Mississippi with a child.