Az-1 came out during the early 1990s and were one of the many new jack swing groups trying to make a move in the industry. The quartet was comprised of Shawn Harris, Jeff Gill, Martin Kember and LA Dre. The quartet released a single album, Az-1 which had two singles, "With You" and "Trust in Me." "Trust in Me" reached #50 on the charts while "With You" peaked at #71.

After the group's debut, their record label Scottie Bros changed hands and the guys were lost in the shuffle. Jeff Gill went on to work for Magic Johnson's label and did a lot with Avant. Martin Kember worked as a producer for 2Pac and launched a successful solo career. Shawn Harris left music and took up a job as a mortgage broker in New York City. LA Dre works in the music scene in Atlanta, Georgia.