Adina Howard

Adina Howard

Adina Howard was born in 1974 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Prior to her music career, she was living in Mesa Arizona, where she met producers Ray Hunter and Ron Keel. Ray had wanted Adina to become a member of a girl group named Deja Vu, but Ron saw more potential in Adina and wanted her to go solo. However, before the guys could set-up a deal with her, Adina Howard signed a record deal and left the two men behind.

Her first album, Do You Wanna Ride? came out in 1995 and rode the success of its single 'Freak Like Me.' The single went platinum, reaching #2 on the Hot 100 and the R&B charts. With the strength of the single, the album went gold.

Howard began working on a second album, Welcome To Fantasy Island, which was praised in reviews and scored a small hit with the single 'Freak & You Know It.' The track reached #70 on the Hot 100 and #32 on the R&B charts. However, Elektra felt the album did not have much potential beyond the first single and so the album was shelved.

In 2003, Howard began nearing completion of a third album. The album went through a variety of name changes, from Ride Again: 7/2 to Two Can Play That Game to its official name The Second Coming. Upon its release in 2004, the album received minimal promotion and failed to sell well.

She began working on a fourth album, Private Show in 2005 and collaborated with Nineteen76 Productions to film documentaries about the process. The album was completed in 2006 and a few songs appeared on the internet. In June of 2008, the album finally saw release.

Besides her music career, Howard has appeared in several independent films. In 1998, Howard debuted in the film High Freeakquency with Deon Richmond and John Witherspoon. In 2003, the made her second appearance with the film Casanova's Demise. Her most recent film was Poke the Sleeping Bear.