3rd Storee

3rd Storee formed in 1997 in South-Central Los Angeles, California and was comprised of three members, Kevontay, D'Smoove, and Jay-R. The group sought to succeed groups like New Edition and The Jackson Five, and were given that chance when they were signed to Edmonds Entertainment by Tracey Edmonds.

While on this label, the men of 3rd Storee toured with N'Sync and Britney Spears. In 1999, they released their self-titled debut album which had five tracks produced by Babyface. One of these tracks, "If Ever" was released as a single. The album's other single was "Party Tonight."

The group was then moved to Def Soul, which was serving as the new distribution method for Edmonds Entertainment. While there, the group roster expanded to five, as they added long-time friend, J'Son and Gavin, who had impressed the group's manager, Jacqueline McQuarn.

While on Def Soul, the group released the album Get With Me in 2002. It included the track "I'm Sorry," which the group had recorded for the Rush Hour 2 soundtrack. The title track, "Get With Me," was produced by Rodney Jerkins and was released as a single.

Following the release of their sophomore effort, the group went on a brief hiatus. They returned in 2006 under the new name, Chapter 4, and had lost Kevontay in the process. Under the new name, the group was signed to J Records, where they released the single "Fool Wit You." They were reportedly working on a new album, but that seems to have been lost in the rough.