Track Listing

Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1Forever (Intro)N/AN/AN/A
4For UslyricsN/Avideo
5S.I.I (Interlude)N/AN/AN/A
6Spend It AlllyricsN/Avideo
7Looking for LoveN/AN/Avideo
9For Us (Outro)N/AN/AN/A

112's Forever is competent but largely forgettable

112's new EP Forever features a smaller line-up as the group is now a duo. The group's last album, their long awaited return Q Mike Slim Daron, came out in 2017 and as its name implies, featured the group's full line-up. With this return, the group is a duo, comprised of just Mike and Slim.

On many of the tracks, the group does a good job of disguising its smaller numbers. The supporting vocals are layered over in a number of parts, so while the guys are ad libbing, we're hearing a number of voices all at the same time. Still, when it comes to the main vocals, there is no denying this is the Slim and Mike show.

When it comes to the vocals on this track, the guys do a good job of splitting up the workload. Slim bears the brunt of it on For Us, but otherwise, most of the tracks feature the two men trading off with one another. Slim still sounds the same, with it all sounding like it comes natural to him. His voice does sound a bit monotone to me, which can be a struggle here when there is only one other person to trade off the delivery. Mike's vocals seemed off to me on the album. I'm not sure if it was the mixing or what, but a lot of times, his delivery just didn't feel like it had the weight behind it that I would hope for on an R&B album.

When it comes to the tracks, this is a rather thin record, though it is an EP so that is to be somewhat expected. The album features an intro/interlude/outro so in total, there are only six songs on the record. Two of these were singles released ahead of the album, For Us, and Spend It All, so if you've been following at home, there's not a ton of new material to chew on with the release.

Assessing the album, it's largely a collection of mid to up-tempo jams. The intro and interlude might throw you off as they both slow it down quite a bit, but the rest of the tracks hit the ground running.

For Us is the strongest track on the album. An anthem about social change, the lyrics are generic enough that the song is fairly versatile in its message. Still, the delivery is strong with an anthem feeling to it. My only complaint here is that the horn sound on the production is too strong, especially for the content of this track.

Nowhere and Exclusive are both enjoyable, uptempo tracks. Mike features heavily on the tracks, though his voice feels a bit muted on Exclusive. Both songs are catchy, pop numbers that are enjoyable and will have your head bobbing along, but ultimately feel a bit forgettable. Still, they're good productions.

Anytime slows things down and is a solid track. Mike's work on the chorus is great and the delivery on the verses has a great flow to it. I like hearing the two guys trade off in the verses, it works really well here.

The last song, Looking For Love, just doesn't work for me at all. It has a reggae sound to it but they don't have enough punchyness in their delivery to work with this style. The chorus is also so repetitive. The track feels like it could be a good club song, but it's not quite there for that either.

Overall, the album comes up short for me. The two singles are solid tracks that help carry the album, but otherwise, it's lacking that track or punch that can bring the album up to the next level.

Favorite tracks: For Us, Spend It All, Anytime

tl;dr: Forever features a slimmed down group, which feels like it limits the tracks potential. Slim and Mike have mastered the art of mid-tempo R&B, as the song features a number of competent tracks in the form. However, while the tracks have all the right elements, they just don't make a strong imprint.