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Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1When I'm BrokenlyricsN/AN/A
2It Won't Be Very LonglyricsN/AN/A
4Waves I Swim in TodaylyricsN/AN/A
5The GrazelyricsN/AN/A
6Now You're GonelyricsN/AN/A
7In the WildlyricsN/AN/A

Encaustic is a spiritual journey into Tony Rich's id

Tony Rich is very much an artist. Each album he releases is a unique experience and explores music in a way only he can. With Encaustic, he blends genres and provides a meditative record that can reach into your soul.

When I'm Broken feels reminiscent of the Birdseye album mixed with some of the tracks on Pictures. The chorus has a charming delivery to it, but the climax has a rock out punch to it as he lets it loose.

It Won't Be Very Long has the spoken word style we saw a lot of on Exist. "Like you're stranded in the desert, holding hands with a star." Guitar riffs accent the track's emotion. Delivery on the track is poetic, the guitar is almost a vocal in itself. Just a beautiful musical piece.

Lover starts very sentimental, touchy feely. Track matures into something more as it progresses. It's an endearing track, but just can't get into it. The delivery on the word Lover almost feels like the Taylor Swift song.

Waves I Swim in Today has some folksy sound in the production, the vocals are ghostly and heartfelt. The lyrics are very repetitive, but it almost works as the track is almost like a meditative piece than a song.

The Graze feels like a plantation song at first. It's gorgeous. The subdued production on the first forty seconds lets it showcase its feeling. While it picks up some more production, it's a beautiful song.

Now You're Gone feels like the tears are materializing as it deals with someone dying. The minimal production on this track lets you craft the visuals and with the lyrics filled with so much imagery, it's easy to do. A touching song, lovely. The chorus is profound with just a single line and an instrumental. It really lets you sit in the moment.

In the Wild continues some of the nature imagery from The Graze. It has a nice guitar riff and the chorus is solid. Just have trouble connecting with this song the same way as The Graze.

Whisper is a reflective track that allows Tony Rich to really set himself free. It's a nice conclusion to the album and has a strong meditative feel to it.

Top tracks: The Graze, Now You're Gone, Waves I Swim in Today

tl;dr: Overall, this is a short album with just eight songs and thirty minutes in length. But it packs such emotion and meditative qualities that it will stick with you far longer than the 30 minute run time. These tracks blend genres and attempt to be more than just entertainment, but to speak at a deeper level.