Traces Of My Lipstick

Traces Of My Lipstick Review

The album kicks off with an intro that sounds close to a full song. With its nice vocals, it's a good sign for the rest of the album to come.

Starting off on a great note, "My Little Secret" is a wonderful track. Tiny sounds especially wonderful on this number, though the other girls aren't too far behind. The song is tremendously catchy and really gets you singing along. Overall, a great way to start the album and fitting considering the album name.

Again, the girls are shooting fire. As if they heard all my complaints about the earlier albums, they amend all their wrongdoing here. "Softest Place On Earth" is a very sexual song but damn the lyrics are steaming. LaTocha does great on the number but its the harmonies when the girls really lure you in. With the song's smooth sound and intriguing sexual descriptions, this is the song of the album.

The album hits a rut with the track "Do You Know." The song itself isn't that bad, but it gets really tiring to hear the line "Do you know what you do to me." The chorus repeats it a good 7 times and Jermaine Dupri shouts it another 10 or 12 times. Had they cut it down so they don't repeat it twice each time in the chorus, it might not be as annoying. Outside of this, the song is a little too short, doesn't really get deep enough. As it stands, the song is weak.

The rut seemed short lived however as "One Of Those Love Songs" is a great number. The girls seemed to have really slowed things down on this album and it works well. The vocals are nice and the chorus is catchy. It's nice to hear a little more mixture on the vocals as all the girls have a nice distinct voice, but they seem to lock it down to only one per track. Nevertheless, great jam through and through. Interestingly enough, the song writers sued Mariah Carey after her hit "Thank God I Found You" was released and seemed a little too similar to the number.

I'm afraid I'm starting to sound like a broken record but "The Arms Of The One Who Loves You" is a beautiful number. The vocals work really well and the emotion runs through the track. The chorus is simple but it works in its simplicity. It's easy to catch on to and as the track builds, it makes you want to stand up in the middle of the subway and join in with the ladies.

"I Will" is a decent number though it pales in comparison to previous tracks. The song feels a little repetitive but it's still a nice number. Kandi's performed better vocally on previous numbers but she still sounds okay. A good track, just not quite there.

The eight track on the album "Your Eyes" has a nice sound to it and flows well. The chorus is really catchy and the harmony on it works nicely. It's an enjoyable number and further reflects the big change in the girls style from their previous albums to Traces.

As much as I love LaTocha's voice, it's nice to hear the other girls get a chance in "All I Need" as Tiny and Tamika take the solos. The song isn't a bad number but it suffers from the trouble of sounding too much of the same. It's difficult to say because it is a solid song, I just feel like I've heard it before.

"Am I Dreamin'" is an interesting joint as the girls bring the guy group Ol' Skool in to sing along with them. The number is probably the slowest on the album, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it does make the song a little boring at times. The snare is also a little overpowering, like a constant thumping in your head. Overall though, it's a creative number and a good break in style.

Picking up the pace once again "The Runaround" is a solid song about a girl who knows she's being cheated on. The vocals in the song are outstanding and the lyrics are on point. This is a real great number to make you wish the album wasn't nearing its end.

The final full track, "Hold On" is a beautiful number in which the girls talk about how there's no need to rush the relationship. The vocals are nice and the girls shine. The only downside is the song gets a little heavy at the end, becoming rather repetitive. Overall though, real nice way to close the album.

tl;dr: With matured vocals and a slower style, the girls put out their last and best album to date. Smooth sounds enrich this album, making it a must have for fans.