Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton Review

Toni Braxton's debut album starts with the solid "Another Sad Love Song." The track highlights Toni's distinct sound and is laced with emotion. Overall, it's a great song to start the cd that launches your career. Filled with fire, the song just runs throughout and is a wonderful number.

Following the track is one of the album's best, "Breathe Again." The chorus is solid with loving lyrics and rich emotion. Overall, this is a great track penned by Babyface and was a well-deserved hit.

Continuing the early streak of hits, "Seven Whole Days" is another solid song. Toni takes things slow on the track and fills the track with pain and emotion. She's not afraid to show that women can get hurt and really enrichens the track because of it. While it's not one of my favorite tracks, as I love when Toni laces her powerful voice into her tracks, it's still a wonderful song.

The album hits a weak spot for a time, starting with the album's fourth track, "Love Affair." The song isn't bad but it doesn't have much pull to it. The song is easy to zone out during and to forget it's even on. An okay number, just not too memorable.

The fifth track, "Candlelight" is an okay song that lacks punch. The song isn't too bad, but it just doesn't seem to aspire to do anything worthwhile. The lyrics are okay as Toni celebrates the meaning behind a candlelight evening of celebration, but it leaves a lot to be desired.

Toni picks up the pace with "Spending My Time With You." The chorus on this track is catchy and there are some real strong vocals. The son has an entertaining structure and is a pretty decent jam throughout.

Another Toni hit, "Love Shoulda Brought You Home," brings the album back up again. Toni really rips in to the track in the last verse on this one as it is laced with emotion. The entire song is well-written with some really solid lyrics in the song. Overall, a great number.

The eighth track on the album, "I Belong To You" really just never makes an impact. The song's okay but it's hardly a memorable number. The song will be over before you know it and you won't even realize that it had played.

"How Many Ways" was another one of the albums hits and has some real sweet vocals. The chorus is well-done and the track can be a pleasant listen. However, the song really doesn't have that much to it and can feel a little repetitive. As is, it's an entertaining number but one of Toni's lesser hits in my opinion.

At the tenth spot, "You Mean The World To Me" is the climax of the album. The song can feel repetitive at times, but the chorus is so spot on in this track that the repetition doesn't matter. The song has wonderful lyrics and some great singing by Toni. It's truly a wonderful song and one of the best on the album.

Reaching the album's conclusion, "Best Friend" is a sweet slow song. A bit different taste for Toni in its slow delivery, the song still works really well. Talking about having been betrayed by a lover, the song has some saddening moments. Overall, a decent song and a nice conclusion to the album.

Finally, wrapping things up is a reprise of "Breathe Again" which just reminds you how awesome the song is.

tl;dr: One of the top albums in the 90s, Toni Braxton's self-titled debut is packed with hits. It's basically a greatest hits album of Toni's and well worth the purchase.