The Preacher

Track Listing

Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1I Believe In You And MelyricsN/Avideo
2Step By SteplyricsN/Avideo
4Hold On, Help Is On The WaylyricsN/AN/A
5I Go To The RocklyricsN/AN/A
6I Love The LordN/AN/AN/A
7Somebody Bigger Than You And IlyricsN/AN/A
8You Were LovedN/AN/AN/A
9My Heart Is CallingN/AN/AN/A
10I Believe In You And Me Single VersionN/AN/AN/A
11Step By Step RemixN/AN/AN/A
12Who Would Imagine A KinglyricsN/AN/A
13He's All Over MelyricsN/AN/A
14The Lord Is My ShepherdN/AN/AN/A
15Joy To The WorldlyricsN/AN/A