The G Spot

The G Spot Review

Gerald LeVert's sixth studio album, The G Spot, opens up with "Too Much Room." The track's a bit different for Gerald as he teams up with Mystikal. There are harder lines here and there in the track, but overall, it's not really that exciting. The song is about a guy wanting a girl to get closer.

As the second track on the album, "Since You Ain't Around" is another mediocre number. On this track, Gerald sings about how things aren't as good as they were when his baby was here. Really, this track and several others on the album suffers from a lack of enthusiasm and just sounds okay.

"Wilding Me Out" picks things up with some solid verses. The lyrics to the track are enjoyable and as such, the track is decent. However, the chorus is repetitive and fairly boring, hurting the track significantly.

Fortunately, the album picks up with the fourth track as Gerald lets loose on "Funny." The track is a nice twist for Gerald as he sings in an almost narrative/talking style. The chorus is solid and the lyrics are well-written. Overall, the track is great.

The fifth track on the album, "The Top of My Head" has a repetitive chorus but an interesting delivery. Gerald sings in a high voice here, which makes for an interesting sound. Despite that, the song is really only good as background music and isn't that great of a song overall.

Speaking of background music, the title track "The G Spot" is nothing more than that. It's an okay song, but nothing to really enjoy listening to. Maybe play it while making love but outside of that, it's a mediocre song.

As the seventh track, "Oh What A Night" continues the albums doldrums. The song has a decent chorus, but Gerald seems to lack enthusiasm on it. There's no real emotion in the vocals and it never differentiates itself.

Fortunately, the album starts improving significantly from here on out. The eight track, "Closure" is a nice reflective track. It has a soft sound but there's some great delivery. The lyrics are solid and the chorus is great. Overall, a great track and a necessary improvement.

Keeping the tempo, "Raindrops" is a nice strong song. While the lyrics are simply and the song gets fairly repetitive, it's still an entertaining listen. Not the best out there but still, a decent listen.

The tenth track on the album, "Your Smile," is an average number. The song has smooth lyrics on the verses but the chorus is a little slow. I feel like I know this track from somewhere and it's driving me nuts but I just can't place it. Regardless, the song's okay but nothing great.

"Backbone," is a solid, soulful song. Laced with sorrow, it's about a man who just lost his job. Struggling with facing this challenging situation, the song is packed with emotion and does well to really embody the situation. A great song that has a wonderful narrative, it's one of the best on the album.

Nearing the end, the twelfth track on the album is "Catchin Feelings." The song has an interesting tempo to it, with a great narrative. Unfortunately, the vocals are kind of weak, though the delivery is entertaining. Overall, it's a nice jam though it could be better.

Finally reaching its end, the album closes with "All That Matters." It's a decent song with an interesting delivery that feels like a throwback. The chorus starts to feel a little repetitive but it's still a fun jam.

tl;dr: Skip the album and just buy "Closure," "Backbone," and "Funny" on iTunes/Amazon. The rest of the album lacks emotion and is bland at best.