Tevin Campbell

Tevin Campbell Review

Tevin Campbell comes back for a fourth album and shows some major improvement over his third outing. The album starts with "Another Way," which has a much more modern sound to it. The song is uptempo with solid support vocals. The only flow in the track is that it still suffers from the length issues of Back To The World.

Following up is "Never Again" which is an entertaining track with nice vocals, though the lyrics are depressing. The song has a bouncy beat but lacks any real meat. It's real simplistic and as such, never monopolizes on its potential.

The first real solid track of the album is "Since I Lost You," which is a great song with nice vocals. The song almost has a country vibe to it and an entertaining chorus. Overall, it's a pretty love song that works well with Tevin's voice.

"For Your Love" is another sweet ballad in which Tevin really runs the range on his vocals. The song starts off really strong, with a nice uptempo pacing that almost sounds like an Usher track. However, the song slows down a lot, probably too much, and ends up feeling a little tedious in the end.

The fifth track on the album, "The Only One For Me" is an okay song with nice lyrics. Unfortunately, the chorus is a little boring and the song doesn't really do anything to grab you. Despite all this, the song is a nice improvement over Back To The World's mish mash.

At this point, the album goes into full speed with track after track of quality. "My Love Ain't Blind" is a fierce, biting track in which Tevin tells a girl that she can't get away with cheating on him. The song has great lyrics and solid vocals throughout, making a solid jam.

Slowing back down, "Everything You Are," is a beautiful duet with Coko of SWV. The two put out some great results with a nice piece that has a golden chorus. Some of Coko's vocals don't work well against Tevin's but overall, the track is a successful mix of the two talented musicians.

"Dandelion" is a massive undertaking by Tevin, clocking in at over 6 minutes and sounding truly epic. The track flows nicely and despite being very long, feels of the appropriate length. The song is still rough around the edges and doesn't grab you but as it is, the song is a relaxing number that has Tevin rising to the challenge.

Nearing it's conclusion, the album stumbles with "Losing All Control." The track is mediocre, running long and never really doing anything impressive. It's an okay track, but far from the best on the album.

Closing out the original material, "Don't Throw Your Life Away," is a smooth ballad that lets Tevin take the ropes. The song has no chorus and beautiful uplifting lyrics about fighting the hard times. The song is well done and handled nicely by Tevin.

To end the album, there is an interlude, "Just Begun To Grow." Why it's placed so close to the end is beyond me as these pieces are usually best placed in hte middle of the album to break up the tracks. Still, it is a nice piano piece with a very soothing presentation. And finally, the album ends with a spanish version of Dandelion which sounds nice. However, I know no Spanish so as is, that's all I can really say.

tl;dr: It's a shame that it was Tevin's final album in which he really came into his own. As such, this album is the album to buy if you're interested in hearing what Tevin's made of. From start to finish, this album really packs it with solid tracks.