Takin My Time

Takin My Time Review

The album begins with a fast paced track titled "All About Love." While the song features a catchy chorus, its vocals are on the weaker side from the group. The song ends around 3 minutes in but continues on with the chorus for an extra two minutes, dragging the track on past its prime.

The second track on the album, "Kickin It" suffers from many of the same problems as the first track. The chorus drags on and the song is a good five minutes, but only because of two minutes of chorus at the end. The lyrics weren't bad in the track, but it's still nothing special when compared to some of the great up-tempo pieces on the group's first album.

"Can He Love U Like This" features some nice vocals and is a nice slow down after the last two uptempo tracks. It has some nice romantic lines as the guys try and persuade a girl that she's not getting the loving she deserves at home. Unfortunately, the track continues with the same overly played chorus at the end.

While "Truly Something Special" repeats the chorus a lot at the end but does it well, breaking it with a couple nice lines. It probably helps as well that the chorus is nice and sweet, it really works well. While the track isn't perfect, it seems to lack that special something, it's a nice improvement. The album is slowly working its way up.

The album truly was improving as the track "Baby I'm For Real" is outstanding. A remake of the track by the Originals, the song has solid lyrics throughout and beautiful vocals by all of the group's members. Another thing that has been common throughout the album thus far is the saxophone pieces. They really work well, giving the album a nice classy feel.

After a short soothing break with a nice interlude, the album comes back with a fast paced "No Better Love." The album features an infectious chorus that really does well for the song. It's an entertaining listen and gets you moving with it.

Following this solid track is the satin-y smooth "Takin My Time." The vocals on the track are great and the track really has a sensual feel to it. It would be perfect if only it wasn't so overly long. All the same, very nice, very smooth track.

"G.S.T." the ninth track on the album is so-so. The song can be summed up pretty well by the chorus, "Girl if I give you good sex tonight/ Would you stay another night." The song is decent, but fails to really wow.

"Love By Day, Love By Night" is a decent track. The vocals seem to be lacking emotion, especially in the chorus. While they're pretty sensual, it doesn't seem to have the power in it. The track seems to be a weaker version of "Takin' My Time."

The group tries to end with a final swing track "He Said, She Said" but it really just doesn't work well. The lyrics often sound jumbled and the chorus is boring and repetitive.

tl;dr: The album is a disappointment. While no tracks are truly awful, most settle for mediocrity and really just fail to impress.