Take A Dip

Take A Dip Review

A Few Good Men's debut album starts with the fun uptempo track "Tonite." The song gets a little repetitive at the end as the chorus starts to loop. Despite that, it's still a solid jam.

The next track, "Walk You Thru" has a similar feel to it and shows that the guys are really good at these kind of mid-tempo jams. The song is another enjoyable listen and is well done.

The third track on the album is the title track, "Take A Dip." The song is great and is another one of the group's mid-tempo jams. There's not really that much meat to the song as it seems to be predominantly built around it's chorus, but it's still a fun, enjoyable song.

The fourth track unfortunately wears out the appeal of some of the group's effective uptempo delivery. The song, "All of My Love" is repetitive and the chorus is pretty bland. There's not much to the song, though the bridge is pretty enjoyable. Thanks to the bridge, the song is saved from being awful and instead, is merely okay.

Hinting at a change in pace, the group has a sweet interlude with "Please Baby Don't Cry." The group shows a nice sound on here that makes me wish it was turned into a full song.

Fortunately, you don't have to wait too long as the group shows their potent at slow songs with the ballad "Have I Never." One of the group's most famous songs, it's easy to understand why it was popular. The song is a wonderful, loving listen that packs some strong delivery and highlights the group's ability to slow things down.

Unfortunately, the group has a hiccup once again with "A Thang For You." The track is boring and never does much to pull you in. It lacks any real punch and is just blah throughout.

Still, the group comes back on the eighth track with "Young Girl." There's not much to the song but it's still solid throughout. There's a nice part near the end where the guys go on a "every x of the Y" tangent (where X and Y are time intervals) that just sounds awesome. Overall, a pleasant slow jam.

Keeping up the slow jam strength, "Don't Cry Behind My Back" is a beautiful song with nice power in the delivery. The lyrics are well written and the vocals are done nicely. Not to mention, the chorus is catchy, making for a real winner on this one.

The tenth track, "Sexy Day" is fairly catchy but at the same time, it's kind of weird. The song is fun and a pleasant listen as the guys talk about enjoying a nice day with their girl. Still, who goes outside and says "man.... what a sexy day it is today." Ah well, an okay song thats enjoyable.

Nearing the end, "Good Man" is a nice catchy mid-tempo jam. The guys play it straight here as they tell a girl that they can treat her better than her current man can. Some smooth singing on this one, the song is pretty solid.

Unfortunately, for all the style and strength in the album, it really falls apart with "1-900 Gman." The track is really boring and it's debatable whether it can be called a song. The chorus is sung but the verses are spoken, by one guy and then another. Each guy describes how he will please his girl. Okay, but not really what I'm looking for.

tl;dr: A Few Good Men do a great job blending mid-tempo jams with smooth satin-y ballads. They're a great group that should've made more records.