Surface Review

Surface debut album kicks off with "Let's Try Again." The song is a nice slow number that swoons and woes you. These guys can really let it out. At times, the song felt a little too slow but still, this was a tight number.

"Happy," the second track on the album, is an okay up-tempo effort but not as strong as the previous number. The chorus is slow and boring and there's not much to the song besides. As such, it's a pleasant listen but not as good as it could be.

Easily the worst song by Surface, "We're All Searchin" is a painfully boring song which repeats the same lines over and over again. Because of the outrageous repetition, this four minute song seems like an hour-long struggle.

Fortunately, the group picks it back up with "Lately," which is a nicely constructed jam. The song is clever in the way it stretches lines into others. It doesn't carry a lot of punch, and is not the best song out there but still, it's a pleasant listen and a marked improvement by Surface.

"Gotta Make Love Tonight" is a great example of where Surface's first album failed. It features a lot of classy ballads but they don't really strike a chord much. The songs just don't have much punch to them and while they're good for playing on the radio during a candlelight dinner, they don't touch you to the core.

"Who Loves You" starts off as a solid song with a lot of missed potential. However, in the last minute and a half, the song just repeats the same verse again, turning a good song into a mediocre one.

"You're Fine" is a simple number that bears a lot of repetition. Still, there's something special about this track laced with a jazzy up-tempo feeling. The song features a fun blast in the chorus and works through your body.

Nearing the album's conclusion, "Lady Wants A Man" has a strong British accent to the vocals. Overall, the song is a pleasant listen, though it's not very memorable. As such, you'll enjoy a playthrough of the track but it won't be one you come back to often.

Wrapping things up, "Girls Were Made To Love" is an okay song though it's really kind of lame. "You were meant to be loved/ Girls/ Girls need to be loved." Okay, I think it's time to go back to the drawing board on this one.

tl;dr: Surface's debut album showed the potential in the group but never quite satisfied it. As such, an okay purchase if you like the group but if you're uncertain, go for their Second Wave.