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Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1What A Wonderful WorldlyricsN/AN/A
2Back 2 Da StreetlyricsN/AN/A
3Blowin' My MindlyricsN/Avideo
7It's Such A ShamelyricsN/AN/A
8He's Not Good EnoughlyricsN/Avideo
9Another Saturday Night / Everybody Loves the ChachalyricsN/AN/A
10Where Do You Want Me To Put ItlyricsN/Avideo
11Keep It Right HerelyricsN/AN/A
12I'm SorrylyricsN/AN/A
13Under The BoardwalklyricsN/AN/A
14In BedlyricsN/AN/A
15(Last Night I Made Love) Like Never BeforelyricsN/AN/A
16Prince Street (Interlude)lyricsN/AN/A
17Holdin OnlyricsN/AN/A
18A Change Is Gonna ComelyricsN/AN/A

Solo Review

The album starts with "What A Wonderful World" which serves as an intro but is probably one of the best songs on the album. It's only a short intro but it is rich with soul and sounds like a classic jam. After this track, I immediately wanted to hear the guys do an entire album of throwback tracks.

On "Back 2 Da Street," the group put out a standard song. Had the album not started with such a classic, this song probably would have been pretty solid but as is, it's a bit disappointing. Still, the group is able to deliver an enjoyable listen that is a bit of a let down after seeing what they can do.

"Blowin My Mind" picks things up a bit with some solid soulful vibes running throughout. The song gets a bit repetitive and lets you down at times but it still works really well for the most part.

The interlude "Cupid" comes next which is a solid interlude singing classical numbers. It sounds great and opens nicely for "Heaven." With the exception of the remakes of old tracks, "Heaven" is probably the best number on the album. It's not without its share of flaws, being short, lacking meat and getting repetitive. But still, the song is catchy and the main vocals are solid.

"Xxtra" is a smooth groove with the guys singing that they've got something extra for a girl because she's special. The song has some nice vocals but succeeds mostly because of its infectiously catchy chorus.

Continuing on, "It's Such A Shame" is a solid song with good vocals. The track could have been a little better but the chorus is nice. If the song only had more emotion and grabbed you better, this would be an awesome song.

The eight song on the album, "He's Not Good Enough," occasionally gets confusing and seems to go in every direction. Nevertheless, the song really rocks the house with some great crooning and strong emotion. It sounds almost like K-Ci of K-Ci and Jojo or like one of the boys from Silk is on the track (note... I know they're not but that's the type of vocal delivery you'll hear).

"Another Saturday Night/Everybody Loves To ChaCha is another great oldie interlude which helps keep the album flowing. Following this interlude is "Where Do You Want Me To Put It" which is a nice funky song. The track features a great catchy chorus, fun vocals and a soulful delivery on the verses. A great number through and through.

"Keep It Right Here" starts off solid but unfortunately drags on way too much. The high pitched vocals gets annoying and the song disappoints. Still, it's an okay song, just not the best.

The twelfth track on the album "I'm Sorry" starts with such potential but quickly wastes it away. The song has a catchy chorus and a good idea in its delivery. But it lacks any meat whatsoever. The song lacks any real substance and falls flat as it just repeats the same series of lines, over and over again.

After a great piece in "Under The Boardwalk" the album gets back into its smooth numbers with "In Bed." The song features some nice crooning as the guy asks a girl to spend the night with him. There's no chorus and the track keeps flowing with the guys wanting. It sounds like a classic number and really reaches out to seduce you.

The album trips after such a solid number with the bland "(Last Night I Made Love) Like Never Before." The song is grainy and sounds crackly and aged. It isn't all that endearing and is easily skipped over.

After a strange interlude that doesn't say anything, the group comes back on fire with "Holdin On." Featuring a nice funky sound, the guys sing to a girl about wanting her back. The track really gives off a great sound and runs strong throughout. It gets a little long at the end but otherwise, it's still a great soulful number.

Closing the album, it's like the group knew what we were wanting all along and finally gives it to us. "A Change Is Gonna Come" sounds as if Sam Cooke is back and there isn't any better compliment you can give it. A beautiful track that spills soul everywhere. Wonderful, wonderful song.

tl;dr: Solo's debut album was an alright effort, showing the group had a lace of soul and was capable of putting out some real quality numbers (especially the throwbacks). However, some of the tracks just fail to live up to expectations, making the album merely good and not great.