Secrets Review

Toni Braxton's sophomore effort starts off with the song "Come On Over Here." The track is pretty well done, but unfortunately, lacks any real punch or a strong message. As such, it's a nice song to just lay low and listen to, but it won't really leave a strong impression on you.

The album gets moving through some of its top tracks after its weak opener, with "You're Makin Me High" in the second spot. The song is a smooth jam with some real nice delivery from Toni. The song has got something sexy about it and it delivers it throughout.

The third track on Secrets is "There's No Me Without You." Toni Braxton does a great job on this track as she really lets the strength show in her voice. The song has a nice slow pace with a catchy, well-written chorus.

Up next, and probably the best song on the album, is "Unbreak My Heart." The track is just packed with fire and emotion as Toni rises and falls in her delivery.

"Talking in His Sleep," the fifth track on the album carries a lot of meaning. The track is about a lover cheating on Toni and how she struggles with it. While the song carries a lot of meaning, there's not much singing in the track and it is fairly boring.

The album picks back up after the weak spot with the classy "How Could An Angel Break My Heart." The song is absolutely beautiful with a really classy saxophone playing in the background. The lyrics are beautiful, the chorus is wonderful and the delivery is great. While I like the duet version with Babyface, this version of the song is still incredible.

The seventh track, "Find Me A Man," is a nice song with a great opening beat. The track starts with a solid R&B sound and has good lyrics throughout. Still, when compare with the other tracks on the album, "Find Me A Man" just doesn't have what it takes to be a classic.

"Let It Flow," Toni Braxton's eight track on the album, does however have that something. It's a solid song with great vocals and wonderful lyrics. The song has a strong meaning as well, as Toni advises women to be willing to move on and get out of painful relationships. It doesn't have the punch of some of the real jams on this album but it's still a great song throughout.

"Why Should I Care" is a fairly weak song, as it suffers from a repetitive chorus. The chorus is simply the song's title repeated over and over again and as such, fails to grab you. Still, the song is an okay number.

Fortunately, the tenth track on the album, "I Don't Want To" is another outstanding song. With a similar delivery and meaning as "There's No Me Without You," the track is another heavy hitting ballad. The mood weighs heavy in the vocals and Toni does an outstanding job on this one.

"I Love Me Some Him" is another solid song, though the chorus starts to feel repetitive. The track lacks punch but it's still a lovely song. Overall, an enjoyable listen, though not one of the best tracks on the album.

Closing the album, "In the Late of Night" is an incredible track. As the sleeper hit of the album, the track is a great song with a real epic feel to it. The song is greater than the sum of its parts as Toni Braxton delivers one helluva ballad here. Tremendous song.

tl;dr: Toni Braxton delivers another defining album with her sophomore effort, Secrets. Featuring some of her biggest hits, the album is great from beginning to end.