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Release Some Tension Review

Coming out only a year after New Beginning, SWV's third and final album Release Some Tension was a rap laden album. This new rap dominance is seen right away as the first track "Someone" features Puff Daddy doing two verses. The song is alright, though the raps are kind of detracting from the number. In addition, the girls vocals just don't sound into the track, as if they don't want to be there. Still, an alright jam.

In an almost identical build to the first track, the only difference in "Release Some Tension" is that the rapper is now Foxy Brown instead of Puff Daddy. SWV sounds very nice on this track but Foxy Brown is an annoying addition. Also, the chorus really drags the song down at the end as it goes on for WAY too long.

"Lose My Cool" is a similar song once more, this time with Redman featured on the track. Probably the sickest joke on the track is when he joins in the final chorus, causing a gross friction to the harmony that absolutely destroys the sound. The girls do nicely on the verses and both Taj and Coko sound wonderful.

"Love Like This" is a good number until Lil Caeser's second verse. Listening to it, lyrically it sounded similar to Puff Daddy's part of the first track. That's the problem with the album. Every track is structured the same way and based too heavily on the support of rappers. Why bring so many guest stars into the line up? In addition, hearing Lil Caesar talk about hoes on an R&B track really just doesn't sit well with me.

Maintaining the formula that's been established thus far, "Can We" is a good version of what has been seen thus far. Produced by Timbaland, the track features Missy Elliot. She actually seems to fit fairly well with the girls. Still, not the best song in the world but it's at least an improvement on the numbers we've been seeing.

As if taunting, "Rain" is a beautiful number that shows the girls are still more than capable of taking care of things on their own. The harmonies are nice and the sound of rain in the background is soothing. Unfortunately, the song features the dreaded water drop effect that, while fitting during the song, is the most annoying effect ever and yet is so common. The song is simple but soothing and easily better than the rest of the album.

"Give It Up" features Lil Kim and is another decent number. The song has a catchy chorus and the vocals are nice but it's just aggravating that every number seems to be laced with other artists. Why not let SWV handle their own? Still, it's an entertaining number, one of the better tracks featuring a rapper on the album.

"Come and Get Some" is one of the worst tracks on the album. E-40 should not appear on an R&B track, his voice just does not work well with the smooth sounds. In addition, the song is boring. The chorus is repetitive and tedious, not a good combination. Overall, a poorly done song.

Leaving the rappers once more, "When U Cry" is a nice relaxing number with strong harmonies. The song isn't very captivating and doesn't really hold sway the way the group's previous album did, but it's still a nice relaxing song.

"Lose Myself" is a difficult song to critique. It's not a bad song in any way but is instead, just average. The vocals are fine but the song feels derivative.

"Here For You" is a pretty number where the ladies reassure their man that they'll always be there and that they'll be a shoulder to lean on. The harmonies are nice and the vocals are nice. However, the song does drag a bit, playing the chorus again and again for the last two minutes of the song.

While the album was heavily laced with rappers, the last song "Gettin' Funky" is the last straw. The track is insulting to SWV as they sing the chorus during the song and that is it. And not only do they just sing the chorus, but the chorus is simply the line "We're gettin' funky" over and over again. The rest of the song is Snoop Dogg. Ridiculous.

tl;dr: An insult to fans and SWV alike, this album would be more properly titled 'Collection of Big Name Rappers featuring SWV.' While there are a few decent tracks on here, this was not a good way for SWV to end their career.