Reflections Review

After 7's third and final album was released in 1995. It's hard to say whether it was a good thing or a bad that this album was their last because it is SUCH a strong collection of tracks that it shows the group was still going strong and capable of putting out more great material. And yet, they always say "save the best for last" and in this case, it seems to have been done.

The album starts off with it's biggest hit 'Til You Do Me Right which is a strong track with solid lyrics, and great vocals. It immediately sets the tone for the album as it talks about a lover that was never satisfied, a message that comes up several times throughout the album. Cryin For It has some strong lines throughout, and has an interesting effect by making each verse very similar but with slight changes by each vocalist. Save It Up, is catchy and has a real strong swing jazz influence. While the song doesn't break any new ground and the chorus is a little repetitive, the lyrics are catchy and the song can get you in motion.

It picks up quickly from there with Damn Thing Called Love, a dark, slow song in which the group expresses the pains of being in love with someone who isn't carrying her weight. The lyrics are poignant and the group mechanics are flawless. The next two tracks How Did He Love You and What U R 2 Me both offer nice catchy lyrics and are two of the tracks you'll find yourself singing along.

The group shows their vulnerabilites in the next track How Do You Tell The One in which they battle with the difficulties in leaving a person you still love and have given your all to. The lyrics are strong, and the message is original. The only problem I have with the track is the occasional lack of emotion but that changes quickly in the last minute or so as the group really lets it all hang out.

Sprung On It is a solid track with some really good lyrics ("Thoughts of you keep driving me crazy/ And if I don't sleep it won't even faze me") and an interesting beat. The chorus is a mixed bag as it's kind of boring and yet incredibly catchy. Kevin's vocals take charge here and carry the song through. How Could You Leave continues the trend with some strong lines. The chorus gets a little clustered but the track is on point and gets the message of not understanding the loss of love well.

The final three tracks are a weak spot in the album as the tracks just don't stand out. Givin Up This Good Thing has an interesting beat to it but has a repetitive chorus, tired lyrics and is a bit of a let down. I Like It is catchy but doesn't hold the magic of earlier tracks. The closing song Oh How I Need You starts off sounding like the standard song about God that seemed to be the usual final track on 90s albums. If the track had taken that route, it's likely it would have been a good song. The vocals are beautiful and the group's harmony shines through. Babyface appears on the track and his voice sounds better than it does on most of his own material. Yet the song diverged and was a track about a lover and was just too calm and boring.

Overall, Reflections is a great album for any R&B collection. Great writing and amazing vocals from all of the groups members make this album one of the best.

tl;dr: With great writing and the strong vocals of the Indianapolis trio, some beautiful music is put out that is well worth the price of entry.