Private Line

Private Line Review

Gerald LeVert's debut album begins with the title track, "Private Line." The song is catchy and has a nice up-tempo delivery. Featuring soft vocals by Gerald, the track is pretty entertaining. I'm not really sure of what it's trying to say, as Gerald uses a metaphor in which a girl can call his service line but not his private line because they're not close anymore. However, he emphasizes the fact that she can call him whenever she wants. Still, a decent track to start the album.

Following is the album's best track, "School Me." The track features Gerald really just putting it out there as he likens love to a school environment. Telling the girl she can be the teacher, he states he's ready to be taught. A nice wonderful song though the chorus runs on in the end.

"Baby Hold On To Me" is next, with a sweet savory chorus and some decent lyrics throughout. Still, the track has one of the problems that plagues the album as it really lacks any punch. While the song has a nice sound to it, it doesn't make you feel it.

The album really hits a lull after the first three tracks, starting with "Can You Handle It." The song runs a little long and lacks a strong delivery. While nothing's wrong with the track, it doesn't really stand out in any way.

Up next, "Shootin The Breeze," is about relaxing and just enjoying time with your lover. While the song is laidback and follows its message, it's uninspiring and leaves a lot to be had. Overall, it's an okay song but not really that fun.

"I Wanna Be Bad," keeps the album's lull going as Gerald sings about wanting to lay his girl down and be naughty. Overall, the song's pretty weak and is one of the tracks that's skippable.

The album starts picking back up again with "Just A Little Something." Gerald swoons for a girl to let him leave a memory of the way he loved her before she goes. The song has some nice delivery and the chorus isn't too bad. It's not a great track but it's still decent and a marked improvement.

Another highlight of the album is "Hurting For You." The track is a sweet ballad in which Gerald cries that he's hurting for his baby and wants her to stop his pain. The chorus is solid and the delivery is on point. While it doesn't stand against Gerald's later works, it's definitely an example of what he's capable of.

"Just Because I'm Wrong" is a tricky track as it's up and down. At times, the song is solid as Gerald talks about not being perfect but reminding his partner that she's not perfect either. When it's on, the track can be pretty smooth. Still, at other times, the song just lacks much punch and really fails to pull you in.

Unfortunately, with "Hugs And Kisses" the album trips over itself again. The chorus is pretty bland and the track itself doesn't have much meat to it. The song isn't all that clever and is simply an okay track to listen to.

Nearing the album's conclusion, "You Oughta Be With Me" is a decent number. It has a catchy chorus and some nice delivery. All the same, the song suffers in much the same way as the rest of the album, doing little to pull you in. As such, it's a decent track but far from the best.

Closing off the album is a simple remix of "Private Line" which is fine but nothing to really get excited about.

tl;dr: Gerald LeVert's debut is alright, but really should only be picked up by avid fans. Otherwise, start your collection with Gerald's sophomore album, Groove On.