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Ooooooohhh... On The TLC Tip Review

TLC's debut album starts with an intro that's kind of weird and doesn't really hold much to it. A talking guy says these girls are cool and cute, though they're clothes don't really fit a woman.

"Ain't 2 Pround 2 Beg" is the first real track, and it starts off far too long. The track also introduces you to T-Boz voice which is a little too raspy on most numbers. The chorus is redundant and the song is chaotic. As such, it's okay but not that enjoyable.

The third track on the album, "Shock Dat Monkey," is strangely catchy. The song is the first of the girls many tracks about girl power and shows the way the girls popularized the movement that Destiny's Child capitalized on. T-Boz vocals work a lot better on this track and overall, the song is pretty strong. Still, it just runs a little too long and gets a bit repetitive.

The album has an intermission after this, in which the girls sing playfully about a Ho Remover product. In a similar manner, to the previous track, the following song "Hat 2 Da Back" is about woman's right to do as they want. The song is pretty boring and T-Boz can hardly be heard. While the song may be empowering for women, it fails to do much for me.

"Das Da Way We Like It" is a rap in which all three girls have a verse. Every verse is decent but overall, it's still simply an average listen. The song drags on far too long and ends with a wide variety of shout outs.

The anthem track of the album and time period is "What About Your Friends." Left Eye does the same rap twice on the track and the song has the chorus twice, causing it to drag on. Still, these flaws only dampen a great catchy song.

"His Story" is a cool song with a catchy tempo and verses. Still, there's not much meat to the song. I understand that they'll believe his story over your story... but there's never a mention of what the story is.

Another intermission follows, which again, is bizarre but nothing particularly interesting. Following it is the average track, "Bad By Myself." The track is okay, with the girls declaring that they can get on fine without a man. Still, the songs don't say much though it is still an entertaining number.

"Somethin You Wanna Know" is an enjoyable song that tells you to be open with your woman. The lyrics aren't bad but the song contains all of the elements I don't understand about the group. First, Left-Eye's rapping contributes little to the group. Also, T-Boz's voice is often far too raspy to make for an enjoyable listen. And while it's not the case with this track, most songs just have far too little meat to them.

"Baby, Baby, Baby" is a pretty good song telling a girl that he's gotta love her if he wants to stay with her. The song seems to lack emotion, suffering again because of T-Boz's vocals.

Nearing the end, "This Is How It Should Be Done," is a great example of the contrary. I don't really understand the point of the track as it is just Left-Eye talking about how she knows how to make good music. It's ironic as this is such an awful song that is about nothing at all.

The final song on the album, "Depend On Myself" is another ode to women in which the ladies of TLC state that they can get on without a man. Like the rest of the album, this song is okay, but never gets too far out of the realm of mediocrity.

At the end, the album concludes with a message to practice safe sex. A nice message but its far from enough to save the album.

tl;dr: Never leaving mediocrity too far behind, TLC's debut album was a disappointing affair. Only check out this album if you're interested in seeing where Destiny's Child got their independent women style from.