No Regrets

Track Listing

Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1Key To Your HeartlyricsN/AN/A
2Ol' Fashioned Lovin'lyricsN/AN/A
4If Your Heart's Not In ItlyricsN/AN/A
6If Sorry Never ComeslyricsN/AN/A
8I Luv That GirllyricsN/AN/A
9My ChildlyricsN/Avideo
10The Day Life BeganlyricsN/AN/A
11Blowin Me UplyricsN/AN/A
12You Don't Know NothinglyricsN/AN/A
13When I Needed An AngellyricsN/AN/A

No Regrets Review

All-4-One start off their long awaited return to R&B, No Regrets, with the song "Key To Your Heart." The track immediately highlights the group's more urban sound with brooding vocals and a strong piano piece. The delivery on the song is solid, with the escalation in delivery great. "Key To Your Heart" definitely has potential to be a single, a great song throughout.

Moving along quickly, the album's second track is "Ol' Fashioned Lovin'." The track fits All-4-One's goal on the album, mixing the modern sound with their contemporary ballads. The track contains a similar mature delivery by Jamie, with a chorus that is fittingly retro. Hearing the chorus, the guys plea for a return to old fashioned loving with a delivery that sounds like we're back at prom with a doo wop group serenading on stage. Overall, another solid track from the group.

The third track on the album and the title track so to speak, "Regret" is easily my favorite track on the album. The verse delivery seems reminiscent of Ne-Yo, and the alternation in delivery works well. The chorus features synthesizers and a fast pace, but damn if it isn't infectious. Overall, a great song.

With "If Your Heart's Not In It," All-4-One returns to their old style with a power ballad. The verses are sweet and the chorus has a nice emotional delivery. The only downside is that some of the chorus is a little hokey. "If your heart isn't in it, for real." For real? Do we really need that just to ensure we get a good rhyme? Still, the delivery is strong, the emotions run high, and the track is a great throwback to All-4-One's old days.

The album really throws a curveball with the fifth track, "Go." Featuring modifications on the vocals, the song has a pounding beat that gives the feeling of a club jam. The track features the guys at a club telling a girl they would love to stay with her but that they're locked in a relationship and can't stay or they'll get in trouble. The song is catchy, and it keeps things mixed up. However, the voice modifications really hurt the song in my eyes and lower the track's overall quality.

"If Sorry Never Comes," follows "Go" and slows things down again. With a strumming guitar, the song has a nice sweet delivery. All-4-One apologize for letting their girl down and hope they will be given the chance to apologize for doing their girl again. The song is interesting as the guys are asking more for a clear conscience than to get the relationship back again. The song is catchy, and the delivery seems reminiscent of another song that I can't quite place. An enjoyable track.

Reaching the middle of the album, the group has done a great job of showing their back in full force. As the seventh track, "Perfect" slows things down with a dark feel as they reflect that nothing is perfect like it is in the fairy tales. The song has a great chorus, as the guys admit they "might not be perfect, but maybe I'm perfect for you." The song's lyrics are probably it's strongest point as it offers a different twist in its sappiness. Still, the brooding vibes on the track seem to cause it to lose some of its emotion. As such, the song is good, but it could have been great.

"I Luv That Girl" is the eight song on the album and it has a throwback doo wop sound to its start. It sets the mood right for a track with delivery that sounds like Tevin Campbell at time. Overall though, the song has a fun funky sound to it that gets your head bobbing as you latch onto the lyrics. The song isn't all that deep, and the chorus isn't that complex, but it just works.

The ninth song on the album is "My Child," No Regret's first single. The song has a nice slow feel to the beat with a strong delivery reflecting on being separated. The lyrics are strong and the harmonies on the bridge are great. Overall, the song is solid as the guys sing it out.

"The Day Life Began," is a slow track featuring a piano piece as an opening. The delivery is slow, and the track sounds like it has a lot of potential, though I just don't like the vocals. The first verse by Jamie just doesn't seem to capture the feeling and emotion the track calls for. The chorus however, goes a long way for the song with some nice pieces to it. Still, the verses could use some major overhauling.

As the album winds down, "Blowin' Me Up" comes out of left field. Featuring a disco-esque beat, the song has an uptempo delivery. Substance-wise, the track is lacking, and vocally, it sounds like the guys used some voice modifications on the chorus. Overall, the track is probably easily skipped, failing to really do anything to capture your attention.

The twelfth song on the album, "You Don't Know Nothin," is the group's a capella track for the album. A cover of For Real's hit, "You Don't Know Nothin" highlights the group's diverse sound. The harmonies on the chorus sound a little funny but still, the group is able to replicate For Real's classic track well. The song doesn't have much to it outside the chorus, but it's still a fun number.

Wrapping up the album, "When I Needed An Angel" was added to the album very last minute as the group was asked to do the song as a fundraiser. Despite the song's seemingly rushed nature, it is well done and comes across sounding professional. Dedicated to organ donors, the song is sweet and has a compelling beat. Overall, a touching song and a great conclusion to All-4-One's latest album.

tl;dr: All-4-One is back and they mean business. Offering a diverse album that blends the old and the new, All-4-One has raised the bar for modern R&B groups. Easily one of the best albums I've heard in recent months.