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Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1New BeginninglyricsN/AN/A
2You're The OnelyricsN/Avideo
3Whatcha NeedlyricsN/AN/A
4On & OnlyricsN/AN/A
5It's All About UlyricsN/Avideo
6Use Your HeartlyricsN/Avideo
7Where Is The Love (Interlude)lyricsN/AN/A
8Fine TimelyricsN/AN/A
9Love Is So AmazinglyricsN/AN/A
10Use Your Heart (Interlude)lyricsN/AN/A
11You Are My LovelyricsN/AN/A
12I'm So In LovelyricsN/AN/A
13When This FeelinglyricsN/AN/A
14What's It Gonna BelyricsN/AN/A
15That's What I'm Here ForlyricsN/AN/A
16Don't Waste Your TimelyricsN/AN/A
17Soul Intact (Outro)lyricsN/AN/A

New Beginning Review

After an intro that hints at a maturer SWV, the album begins with the hit single "You're The One." The song has a very nice flow to it and the lyrics are pretty good. The vocals are nicely done and the song overall is well done. My only complaint is that the guy saying "You're the one for me" in the background gets kind of annoying after a while but still, a good jam.

"Whatcha Need" continues the strong early performances by the group. The vocals are really well done and the harmonies are some of the best by the girls. However, the song could be a little longer. I wish the verses had been extended as the way it is right now, it seems the song jumps back into the chorus far too quickly. Despite those shortcomings, the song would still be a perfect jam if it weren't for Allen Gordon. Hearing him shout the same line or two in the stupidest voice imagined is INCREDIBLY annoying. If I hear him say baby baby one more time...

The album moves to the more uptempo "On & On" which is a fitting track for parties. The song gets you in the mood to dance and while it's nothing groundbreaking, it's still an entertaining number. I'm not sure why Erick Sermon is featured on the track as it really just weakens it and really, his lyrics detract from the album. Still, a decent track that keeps the cd moving.

"It's All About U" is a surprisingly cool number. The song has a funky beat that adds some extra style to the song and the delivery on the verses is great. The chorus is incredibly simple, but short, making it a nice complement of the song. A great jam to play in the car as you cruise around in the summer time. The only flaw with it is that it does drag a bit at the end.

Next up is the laid back slow jam "Use Your Heart," which is a real outstanding number. The song has some outstanding vocals and has a nice dreamy feel to it. The lyrics are nice and the song was well produced. A great number through and through.

Following the interlude "Where Is The Love" that sounds so good it should have been made into a full song is "Fine Time." The track is another outstanding number by the ladies. About an abrupt break up is a lover suddenly leaves, saying he was never happy. The lyrics are perfect, and the production does wonders to set up a somber mood. The bridge is especially amazing, as is the chorus.

I feel guilty for being so praising but the album really hits a sweet spot. "Love Is So Amazing" is an outstanding track. While it might be a little too sappy for some, it's got such loving lyrics and outstanding vocals, especially in the closing set of choruses. While I wanted to say "Fine Time" was the best track on the album, this track just took it to another level. The song is six minutes long, and I wish it was even longer.

After a brief interlude, the album has the smooth "You Are My Love." The song is very loving as the girls confess that they need the man they love to be with them. The song is well written and keeps the listener attached throughout the performance.

The album loses some steam with "I'm So In Love." While the song seems to have the same mix of ingredients as the previous solid tracks, it feels like it's just missing something. There doesn't seem to be the same amount of heart in the track and the chorus seems to drag a little, especially at the end.

"When This Feeling" is a nice loving track, with some nice alternating parts on the chorus. The instrumental in the middle of the track seems to drag it down a bit but overall, the song is still a very nice number. The song is a very nice laid back track that's easy to just bask in. Not to mention the chorus is absolutely wonderful and further reinforces the loving message.

"What's It Gonna Be" is a decent number with an interesting message. The song is about a lover who's cheating on the girls. They want to know who he will choose between the two of them as he can't have both. While the vocals are nice and the lyrics are well written, the song is hurt by the lack of emotion. Girl, your man has another woman, show that you FEEL it. Also, the song suffers from the bane of the music industry, the water drop sound. It becomes irritating to hear the plop of water in one's ear, over and over.

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to put rappers on the tracks with SWv was wrong. Every track thus far into the album has been brought down by a rapper who just doesn't mesh well with the ladies. While there are some tracks that work with such combinations, the appearances on this album are not some of them. "That's What I'm Here For" is one more example of this as the song is pretty good until the rap at the end. Besides that, the vocals are nice but the chorus just doesn't work well. It's a little too redundant. Overall, it's an average track.

"Don't Waste Your Time" is an alright track on the album. The vocals are nice but the song just really doesn't grip you well. There's nothing in the track that's really evocative and the song just seems to lack enthusiasm. In addition, it falls onto the chorus too quickly and makes the track feel long.

tl;dr: SWV shines on their sophomore effort, putting out one of the must have albums of the 90s. The album is hefty, packing in 17 tracks and many of them are classics.