Love & Consequences

Love & Consequences Review

Gerald LeVert lets his emotions out in his music. No where is this more evident than on Love and Consequences which has a decidedly darker feel to it. It's clear that Gerald was having some tough times in his life.

The album starts with a skippable track, "No Sense," that features collaboration with Lazy Bone and Ken Dawg. The track shows a theme of the album as Gerald LeVert seemed to a lot more work with other artists on this album. Overall, the track is okay but the bland chorus brings it down a few notches.

"Thinkin Bout It" follows and is the highlight of the first half of the album. The lyrics are good and the vocals are dark. Gerald really blasts the girl in the final verse and really lets out his feelings. About being betrayed by your woman, the song is pretty fierce. The only flaw in the track is the fact that the chorus runs on way too long in the heart of the track.

Bringing on Sean LeVert, the third track "Point the Finger" is a dark track about accusations. The track deals with blaming other people for problems and while it doesn't have much meat, the chorus is pretty tight. Unfortunately, the track ultimately lets you down by failing to capitalize on the dark tone by fleshing out the theme more. It's nice to hear the contrast in the brothers voices though.

Another guest rapper joins the albums ranks with "Breakin My Heart." The track is pretty good with a catchy chorus. The rap at the end is alright though it doesn't really improve the song.

The sixth track on the album, "That's The Way I Feel About You" is a duet with Mary J Blige (see what I mean about all the collaborations?). While the track is nice, the chorus is bland and causes the song to be hard to get into. The interactions between the two artists work well but the weak chorus really limits the song.

Closing off the first half of the album, "It's Your Turn" is an average track about having love reciprocated. The chorus is nice and the lyrics are pretty good throughout. Still, the song just lacks that extra something that could have made it a great track.

At the midway point, the album seems to kickstart. Up until this point, I'd suggest visitors to just skip over Gerald's third effort. However, from here on out, he really brings the A game.

Starting with the eight track of the album, "No I'm Not to Blame," Gerald sets it out strong. He tells his girl that her flippant ways were causing their problems. The chorus is catchy, and the song's lyrics are on point. Overall, it's a solid song and a sign of things to come.

"No Man's Land" is a dark song that features a different side of Gerald. Dealing with divorce, it really highlights the tough times Gerald was going through when working on this album. The message on the track is strong and what sounds like Wyclef Jean adds additional flavor to the track.

"Men Like Us" is another solid track and one of my personal favorites. It's a little slow but it's a great jam. Gerald tells a woman that she needs to have a better man in her life, a man like us. The chorus is great and the song is catchy. A solid effort.

At number 10, "Taking Everything" has Gerald delivering fire as he sings about his baby leaving him. Attacking the fact that she took everything, he really lets out his sadness. The lyrics are nice and the chorus is tight. Throughout, a great song.

Nearing the end, "What About Me" is a laid back track. Gerald just lays it out there as his girl walks away from him and asks her what happened to all their plans together. The song's slow and rich with feeling.

A track that strikes me in a similar mood as "Men Like Us," "Definition of a Man" is a great track about what real men are like. The song is fun as Gerald tells a girl that he'd treat her better than other guys and defines what a real man is like. Guys need to be there for their women and understand their needs. You tell em Gerald.

Closing the album, Gerald recognizes the somber mood and lightens it in a brilliant manner. Done with his own son Lemicah, the track reflects the idea that, no matter how bad things are, there's always that light in your life. The track really touches the heart and is a great song about a bond between a father and his children. Truly a perfect number.

tl;dr: The album trips up early on but it pulls together for a great concluding set. A bit darker than Gerald's earlier work, he tells it how it is on this classic album.